3. API UsageΒΆ

Authentication through browser (BRW device channel)
  1. Use the /preauth API call to determine 3-D Secure version.

    This should be used when performing the request from the Browser or if this is a merchant initiated request. This can help you decide if you should fall back to 3-D Secure version 1.0.2

  2. Perform 3DS Method if threeDSMethodURL was included in the /preauth response.

  3. Perform an authentication using the /auth endpoint call.

    • You must include the threeDSServerTransID from the /preauth request in your message.

    • You must set the threeDSCompInd to Y if the 3DS Method call was successfull, otherwise N.

  4. If transStatus is C, perform a challenge flow on the cardholder device.

  5. Retrieve values from /postauth endpoint endpoint after challenge flow has completed.